Give your clients’ property a “Hygienic Reset”!

For your sellers, it’s a great way to encourage open house events while ensuring the safety of the visitors. It also makes a great sales option, something your seller can offer as part of the closing negotiations.

For buyers moving into a resell property, it’s a great way to feel fresh and clean in a previously occupied home. Your clients will have the piece of mind knowing a professional team has disinfected and sanitized the home, not just the previous owner.

Pricing is straight forward and transparent with no hidden fees, plus we have a 20% referral bonus for agents! If you are buying the service as a housewarming gift for your clients, we will discount your cost by the same 20% bonus.


Simply have your buyer or seller schedule a consultation with the “schedule now” button above. Upon arrival, we will ask for their agent’s contact details and then credit you with the referral.

If you would like to make a purchase on behalf of a property owner, simply click the “Have More Questions” button to the right, or call 404-644-6254 to speak to a representative.