Our hospital-grade disinfectant formula is safe to use around children, pets, elderly person, and food.  We treat your home or business with a highly effective fogging application. Our commercial-grade fogging units are designed to produce the maximum amount of concentrated formula per minute, ensuring total coverage of your location.

We also offer two add-on services in our Critical Surface Scrub, and the Hot Zone Schedule to build the perfect solution for your home or business needs.

This is a great way to “reset” your home or office to get ahead of any viruses or bacteria, something we like to call, a Hygienic Reset. But like any disinfecting service, it requires good habits and a consistent plan to remain effective.

Fogging Application

Attacks viruses, bacteria, molds, and allergens in the air as well as those hard to reach areas where spores can live.¬† It’s a great way to treat a large area quickly, thoroughly, and with complete confidence.

Critical Surface Scrub

Trained technicians physically wipe down hard surface areas that need a little extra attention. Surfaces such as kitchen counter tops, hospital equipment, waiting rooms, patient tables, restaurant food prep areas, machinery, and more.

Hot Zone Schedule

Need to keep those high touch points clean and disinfected on a regular basis? Consider our Hot Zone service to treat areas daily or weekly. Great for banks, senior centers, hospitals, childcare facilities, and more.

Jobsite Video Series


Pricing is straight forward and transparent with no hidden fees. We offer a fogging treatment package for residential and commercial locations as one-time applications. For commercial applications, pricing will vary based on the type of location being treated (food contact, children, office, etc.) as well as the total square footage being treated.

* pricing can vary based on location type, facility type, equipment present, employees or customers on site during application, frequency of applications, and length of contract.